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Carpet Cleaning Long Beach, Ny

The carpeting in your home is beautiful and expresses your sense of style while creating a warm inviting atmosphere for visitors. However, when that carpeting begins to get dirty or stained it can quickly become an embarrassment and even make you feel less than proud of your home, which is one of the reasons why we started Long Beach Carpet Cleaning Pros in the first place. We love cleaning carpeting and take great pride in seeing those dirty carpets return to their former beauty. Many of our valued customers simply can’t believe how great their carpeting looks after one of our professional cleanings and want to know how we achieve such great results. It’s no secret we simply use the right combination of experience and great products.

What Makes Us the Right Carpet Cleaning Company to Call?

You are probably wondering why we say we are the right carpet cleaning company to meet your needs. The answer is simple, we here at Long Beach Carpet Cleaning we have the right ingredients to do carpet cleaning right starting with our trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians.

Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians

You wouldn’t just hire anyone off the street to make carpet repairs and we feel the same about the carpet cleaning technicians who are employed by us, which is why all of our carpet cleaning technicians go through training before we send them to your home. Our technicians not only learn how to use our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment, they also are taught all about stains and odors in carpeting and the best ways to remove them. We believe our customers deserve carpet cleaning technicians that are knowledgeable, respectful and friendly and our technicians really deliver.

State of the Art Equipment

No matter how well trained and knowledgeable a carpet cleaning technician may be, they aren’t going to get your carpets as clean as possible if they are forced to use old out dated equipment, which is why we use only state of the art steam cleaning machines and other equipment at our business. You deserve the best when it comes to your home and our well maintained state of the art cleaning equipment is frequently inspected to ensure it is working properly to clean that carpeting deep down to the carpet fibers.

Our Organic Cleaning Products

It is important to us that we not use anything in your home that we wouldn’t use in our own homes which is why we only use organic cleaning products to remove dirt, stains and odors. Many chemical carpet cleaners contain toxic ingredients that can harm people with respiratory conditions or children and pets. Keep in mind that these chemical cleaners often leave behind a powdery residue when they dry which can get on your child’s hands or pet’s paws and find their way into mouths. Our Organic cleaning products simply leaves no harmful residue behind and therefore is safer for children and pets than those chemical cleaners while still being powerful at removing dirt and odors.

Convenient Hours

In addition to providing you with the very best possible carpet cleaning services we also do our best to make cleaning those carpets convenient to you by keeping extended hours from 8 to 8. In addition we also offer same day cleaning for your convenience.
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